LED Modules Brand Comparison

LED Modules Brand Comparison

What are LED Modules?

LED Modules are self-contained, waterproof LEDs connected via a string of wire. They were first designed for use in sign manufacturing - where brightness, even light distribution, ease of installation and waterproof qualities make it ideal. LED modules always come in strings, whether it is strings of 25, 50, 100 etc.

Interone LED modules come in strings of 50 (24.3ft). They have the highest available waterproof rating: IP68. Most other brands are not nearly as waterproof, with a lower IP Protection rating. We have a variety of options for LED modules, with options for lens beam angle, color temperature and wattage. Our most popular White LED Modules is K7. It is 10,000K Color Temperature, 170° Beam Angle for wide light distribution, and 0.72w/module. Perfect for all types of signage and architectural usage.

What is special about our LED Modules?

There are several brands of LED modules on the market today. The vast majority are made in China. Every single "American" brand of LEDs found in the United States are also all made in China. Sloan LED products, Principal LED, Hanley LEDand LEDs from Grimco are all made in China!

Interone LEDs are 100% made in Korea, with high quality materials and chips from Samsung or Seoul Semiconductor. In Korea, Interone LED is the leading #1 brand of LEDs by a huge margin. Around the world, many countries turn to Interone LED as their #1 choice: Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, Egypt, many European countries, and many more.

Why are our prices so low?

Another surprising fact is that all of these Chinese LEDs are extremely high price compared to Interone LEDs, which are all made in Korea. The main reason for this is profit margin. Our competitors in the United States like to have very high profit margins. This leads to their Chinese-made lower quality LEDs to have at least double, triple or quadruple our prices.

Paying up to four times (or sometimes 8x) as much for an LED of course does not mean that their LEDs are four-eight times better. Their manufacturing costs are actually lower than the cost of manufacturing Interone LED modules, since they are made in China. At Sign Supply Company, we stay honest and value our customers. We do not have insane profit margins, like our competitors do. We operate on low margins - offering wholesale prices that come to about $0.40 ~ $0.60 per LED module. Other retailers prices for their LED modules will come out to $2.00 ~ $4.00 per module! Some other retailers even sell their low quality Chinese modules for over $10 per module!

We even supply permanent discount codes for all manufacturers! Simply shoot us an email or call us to get set up.

Comparison of LED Modules

The comparison below outlines a few of the differences between Interone LED modules and an example of our competitor's Chinese-made LEDs.

Interone Comparison

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Totally agree! We were buying Principal qwik mods for almost $2/module. Thanks, we will keep buying for a long time!


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