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LED Module Applications

LED modules can be used in a wide variety of applications from signage and lighting products to architectural lighting. Our LEDs are currently used in many different products by manufacturers and contractors. Although electric signs are the most common use for LED modules, they can be used for almost any application where durable waterproof lighting is needed.

Channel Letter / Electric Signage

Channel Letter Sign



Our LED modules are designed for use in sign products such as channel letters and pylons. While our tiny LEDs can illuminate lightboxes 1 inch in depth, most of our other LED modules are for minimum depths of 3-4 inches. View our module depth guide here.


Architectural / Accent Lighting

kitchenbackyardshop window

LED Modules are perfect for architectural or accent lighting for outdoor or indoor use. For outdoor, since each module is waterproof, installation is easy and quick.


Gagne LightboxPetit Autowash Equipment


There are several manufacturers who use Interone LED modules as part of their complete products. From tracing lightboxes to car wash equipment, there are many uses for our waterproof LED modules.

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