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Color Temperature Guide

Quite simply, higher color temperature (kelvin or 'CCT') equates to a more blue color. Conversely, lower CCT equates to a warmer orange color.

Color Temperature Guide

The CCT you need depends entirely on your preference or the requirements of each project. In person, we usually do not realize the difference between high or low CCT lighting. It is only when we compare them side by side that we can see drastic differences.

High CCT Lighting

Cool White, High CCT Lighting

High CCT lighting is usually better for showing detail in clear lighting. For industrial lighting, retail, grocery shopping, daytime applications and many more - higher CCT is often best.

All 'white' LEDs are actually just blue LEDs! A special phosphor powder is coated onto blue LED chips to produce white light. Less powder means more blueish light. More powder means more orange light! (Unless we are talking about RGB, then that is a different story!).

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Low CCT Lighting

Low CCT, Warm Light

Lower CCT, also known as 'warm white' appears to have a more orange huge. This is great for many applications - usually residential, night-time lighting, restaurants, signage and even retail. It is better for intimate settings or to create a relaxing atmosphere.

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Neutral CCT Lighting

True White

Around 6000K ~ 7000K is considered neutral, or 'true' white. It is great for architectural purposes, photography, LED signs and lightboxes. Search for our collection of 6500K modules in our shop.

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